I would like to see Jamie Oliver cook his 15 minute meals at my house

Not really something I would usually talk about – but as Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals is a television show I can still include it in this blog. Something that’s a change of pace.

Sitting around this afternoon Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals came on television and in my lazy stupor I watched his program despite my cooking abilities extending to boiling water and eating milo out of a tin. As I watched the show, I became more and more confused at the ingredients he was using.

Now I know that there have been people that have tested whether you can actually cook the meals in 15 minutes, and there are obvious complaints about the cost of the ingredients he is using, but my massive bone to pick with this idea is that I can’t actually get half of these ingredients.

jamie-olivers-christmas-special-header (2).jpg

Let me give you a bit of context to this. I live in a City called Kalgoorlie-Boulder that is 600km from the nearest City. We are literally in the middle of the outback of Australia… in the desert. So as you can imagine, our ‘fresh’ food is quite selective and time sensitive. As we are watching this program, mum comments that when she was a young girl, Kalgoorlie only had one type of potato. Now we have progressed so far as to have multiple varieties but we still can’t get a lot of ingredients the rest of the world is enjoying.

Furthermore, I would really like all people that lecture to others about eating healthy food is cheap to come here and try for themselves. I once had a kaki (persimmon) for the first time overseas and loved it – coming back home I realised that there would be more chance of me peeing over the moon than one being available in the grocery store here. If we do get the rare chance that the unique fresh fruits and vegetable come in, you would probably have to sell an organ so that you can afford them.

This brings me all the way back to Jamie Oliver’s show. He was chopping up stuff that I never heard off and would not have a clue what it tasted like. I would like to see Jamie Oliver cook his 15 minute meals at my house.


-The Nominations Girl

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