The thing I’m most excited about for Season Six of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an unbelievably story, and rightly so, a cult phenomenon making it onto our screens in 2011.

Like the rest of the world, I have been following along each season, impatiently waiting for each episode and each new season to be aired. Game of Thrones actually got me through my university years. It would come out on a Monday and give me a bit of relief for the beginning of the week. This next season is no different.


So what has got me so excited for the new season?

No, it’s not the dreamboat Kit Harrington and whether his character Jon Snow survives. As a non-reader of the books (I will get around to it one day), I have been subjected to the annoying people that thinks because you have not read the books, you are not a proper fan. I am usually an advocate for people to read the book as opposed to the onscreen adaptation because the book is pretty much always better. Having said that, I do not believe that someone is ‘more’ of a fan if they choose not to. Sure, I would talk someone into reading Harry Potter if they have only seen the movies. But, abusing them for being a non-fan because they haven’t read the books is a bit of a dick move.

So, I am seriously excited to experience the new season of Game of Thrones with the rest of the world, including those book readers. George R. R. Martin has been unable to publish the next book before the premiere of season six in April. This means that everyone who loves the series will be exposed to the amazing deaths and politics at the same time.

Game of Thrones was all anybody could talk about at the dining room table on a Monday at my college. Now there will be no snobby rich girl to tell me that I am not a fan because I have not read the series. This will be great.

As a personal rule though, I do not read the books if the tv show and movie is announced before I have read it. I would rather experience the good of the screen adaptation and then experience the great with the books later. This way if the books are outstanding, I won’t be so disappointed with the show or movie.

-The Nominations Girl

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2 thoughts on “The thing I’m most excited about for Season Six of Game of Thrones

  1. Hey, as someone who has read all of the books, let me say that you are totally a fan, even if you’re just watching the show.

    I am envious of show watchers because they get to have an experience different than mine, which I think is great. I love talking to all fans across the spectrum, regardless of if they have book knowledge or not.

    I’m even embarrassed to say the above really, because it implies that your fandom isn’t valid if you don’t have a book reader like me giving you the seal of approval. Which is not at all what I’m saying. I just want to say hi, from one fan of the story to another.

    And it is very interesting that book readers and show watchers will be more in less in the same leaky boat when Season 6 starts up. (Not exactly, there’s still stuff in the books that have been skipped over, and I think we’ll be seeing some of that this season, but there will definitely be new territory.)

    What’s funny is, hardcore book readers might boycott the show until the books come out, and then they’ll be at the mercy of those who have watched the show and their spoilery knowledge.

    Hope the months fly by until late April, when Game of Thrones is back on the air.


    1. aw thanks for the reply! I certainly don’t think this is a majority group – I just happened upon a few people that were snobby like that.

      I think it will be very interesting to see what happens with all the fans of this show with the next big death. I literally could not even believe my eyes when I watched the red wedding and the girl next to me rolled her eyes and said she knew that was going to happen (“If you’d read the books you would know that”). It’ll be great to see everyone just as shocked!

      I took guilty pleasure in watching my parents watch the red wedding episode…

      I’m so keen for the next season too!!! It’s getting close now 😀

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