My Top 5 Games of 2015


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture achieves a beautiful and emotional atmosphere through brilliant voice acting and hyper-realistic surroundings. As you make your way through an abandoned country village, you encounter the previous inhabitants in the form of balls of light. Upon reaching particular areas, you will be able to hear an old conversation as human-shaped lights move through the scene.

Without spoiling too much, through these conversations you witness people dying, and it is left up to you to determine what happened. I love mysteries, so this game had me hooked immediately; in my opinion it has, easily, the best voice-acting of any game this year, with amazing graphics and sound design to accompany it.

If you love games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture will be right up your alley.



Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege isn’t much of a break of form for the franchise, but it is a heap of fun. One of the most common complaints about Siege is the lack of a single player campaign, and I agree; there is a single player mode called ‘situations’, but that is closer to a tutorial than a campaign. This being said, I feel that the multiplayer Terrorist Hunt mode has enough content on its own that the game doesn’t need a campaign. The mixes of location, characters (called Operators), and different people you’ll encounter online prevent the game from feeling stale.

The mechanics implemented in Siege encourage you to play tactically, and with the ability  to send out a reconnaissance drone and the improved breaching system you’ll have just as much fun strategizing as you would storming in. Creating a line of sight has never been so easy, from punching a hole in a barricade to crumbling a wall with a bomb; the destruction feels controlled and allows you to catch your enemy off guard.

 If you’re a fan of CoD, chances are you’ll enjoy Rainbow Six Siege too.



Tales From the Borderlands is the beautiful offspring of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and the Borderlands franchise. The game is primarily dialogue options and quick time events, but don’t be discouraged! All of the Borderlands humor is still here, and its never taking itself too seriously. The two characters you play as (Fiona and Rhys) are both very likable, and all of the supporting characters are well fleshed out and easy to become attached to. Gearbox and Telltale have worked to find the right balance of making the characters relatable, while also being able to standout against such eccentric fan favorites as Handsome Jack, Scooter and Athena.

Not to mention, Tales From the Borderlands also gives us the best pretend fight scene in history:

If you’re a fan of Telltale or Borderlands, you’ll love this game; you’ll also love it if you’re not a fan, because Tales From the Borderlands is amazing.




Undertale is a 16-bit adventure by Toby Fox, and if you know me, then you’ll know that I don’t shut up about it. I love the crazy characters, I love that it makes you work hard to do the right thing, and I love the soundtrack. What makes Undertale so special is that you have the choice either to kill every monster you meet, or to complete actions until they feel fulfilled and will spare you. There’s a few more of my (heavy spoiler) thoughts here; and unfortunately there isn’t too much I can say without getting into spoiler territory.

If you’re like Earthbound and Mother 3, I highly recommend giving Undertale a shot. And if you’re after something quirky with a heartwarming / soul-destroying message, Undertale is also perfect; it’s also only $10 on Steam, you’ll thank me later.



art by momodeary

Fallout 4 is HUGE; and this isn’t to do with the size of the map, but rather how detailed and intricate the world is. You can investigate almost every building and there’s seemingly endless quest objectives to keep you busy. They’ve improved on the Fallout formula by adding a much more varied colour palette and an insanely improved combat system, so now you can actually take down an enemy without relying on VATS.

The classic Fallout humor is still here, and you get plenty of opportunities to be a sarcastic asshole. The companions are all well defined, believable, and most importantly, they’re likable. The game really shines in the conversations, the beauty of the wasteland, and the absurdity of The Commonwealth’s inhabitants (at one point you can help a crew of robot sailors to put their ship back in the river, without much success).

Now, being a Bethesda game, Fallout 4 is pretty gitchy; glitchy enough to get in the way of a fully immersive experience. But, it doesn’t take anything away from the high points of the game.

Fallout 4 has a compelling story, impressive scenery, fun combat, and lets you see changes to the world depending on your choices. Its such a large and free-form game that has something for everyone; its definitely worth your time.




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