Please remake the Eragon movie! Sincerely, a Paolini fan.

A decade on, and this Eragon fan is still seething at the butchering of the famous series. There are many inconsistencies between the book and the movie, however, I want to point out a few that still get my blood boiling.


Although Eragon’s hair and eye colour changing in the casting, the big shock for me was massive difference between book Arya and movie Arya! Arya is described as the below in the book:

“… as a stunningly beautiful elf with almond-shaped green eyes, long raven-black hair and tawny skin. She was taller than most men. When outside Ellesméra, her hair was sometimes held back by a leather strap and she dressed in plain black leather. She wore a sword at her hip and carried her bow on her back.”


Then, ladies and gentlemen, with that description of one of the core characters, the movie gives us Sienna Guillory with nothing that resembles the canon (no anger towards Sienna, I am sure it was a production decision).

Image Credit: Inheriwiki

Instead of the very striking black hair with green eyes, movie Arya had red hair and blue hairs. Arya is supposed to have a tattoo on her shoulder and be very tall (taller than Eragon) which is not the case in the movie. To make me even more furious, her ears are suppose to be pointed, as one would expect from an elf, but in the movie, Arya seems to be pretty much human, no elf ears in sight!

Similarly, I think the portrayal of Arya is not even slightly like the book. Arya in the book is standoffish and has a no-nonsense personality and shows no romantic affections towards Eragon. I also see Arya as a total bad ass that requires no one to protect her. In the movie, she acts romantically interested in Eragon and treats him as her saviour.

The movie-Arya is a total flop!

Saphira II

Now I know fans were quite disappointed with the physical appearance of Saphira – her colouring differing as seen below with the book cover and movie images below:

However, the biggest thing that made me shout in outrage – the movie versions answer to Saphira growing up. As an Eragon fan would know, Eragon raised Saphira from an egg growing up over period of months. Eragon constructed a shelter for her in the woods and the book tales her becoming full size, big enough for Eragon to ride on her back. In contrast, in the movie Saphira flies up in the sky and ludicrously comes back fully grown. In a matter of minutes, movie-Saphira is a fully grown and even tells Eragon what her name is (which, Eragon finds the name in Brom’s cabin in the book and later finds out that was Brom’s dragons name).

Seriously – whoever came up with this stupid idea should have been sacked! Could the producers not just do a few seconds time lapse of Saphira growing in the woods and this massive flaw could have been rectified.

When I watched the movie for the first time, I sat there with my mouth open wondering what was going on…

Where is Jeod, Orik, Elva, and Solembum?

With four amazing books, most fanatics were happily anticipating four movies that would rival the LOTR. With the arrival of the first movie, it was clear that Eragon could not confidently continue as many of important characters were omitted from the movie.

One of the characters that was dear to me was Solembum, the shaggy werecat who was first introduced in Angela’s herb shop. He gives Eragon the below advice:

“Listen closely and I will tell you two things. When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa tree. Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls.”

— Solembum
Image Credit: Solembum by Eumenidi on DeviantArt

This prophecy is really important to rest of the series – things that do not make much sense until later on. Solembum also turns up at the Battle of Farthen Dûr and the Battle of The Burning Plains. Although, as series-turned-movies go, it is possible to cover up Solembum’s role in other ways and make plot lines to simply appear, but fans alike were unsurprisingly unhappy with this decision.

Orik was another surprise omission to me. Orik is a dwarf first introduced in the battle against Durza and the reader learns that he is adopted by the king of dwarves, King Hrothgar. Later in the story, Orik becomes King himself, and plays an important role in many of the books.

In similar stride, Jeod was an agent for the Varden who was omitted (his wife Helen too!) and Elva the cursed-blessed child plays an important role in the Eldest book.

All these key characters do no show up in the current movie version which makes me not want the series to continue on this current narrative.

Remake the movie with all the glory of the books

Here is a fan blog that neatly points out heaps of the differences between the film and the book. The list is pretty exhaustive but crazy to think about how much the movie deviated from the book. As a fan of both the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Ring movies, I understand that it is a necessity to change certain things to make it more sense in a movie format, however, Eragon definitely needs to be remade correcting many of the fatal flaws that disappointed fans alike!

-The Nominations Girl

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