My favourite scenes of Alan Rickman

Past a week on and I am still left reeling that one of my all time favourite actors has passed away. I actually kept a very close eye on the celebrities that were coming to Supanova in Perth just in the hope that I might get to meet Alan Rickman. Sadly, death greeted Alan Rickman as an old friend on January 14th 2016, at aged 69.

In memory of him, I would love to share my favourite movies of Alan Rickman, showcasing the talent that has now left this world.

Professor Snape

I was lucky enough to grow up with the Harry Potter series – both that off the books and the movie franchise. I also remember reading the novels and having a strange sense of fondness for Professor Snape. He was intriguing to me and I felt like there was something more to him that J.K Rowling would reveal.

Probably Alan Rickman’s most famous role, he was cast as Professor Snape and made this wonderous character step off the page for me. I could never thank Alan Rickman enough for doing such a justice for the Harry Potter wizarding world that many hold very dear.

Image Credit: The Fandom Corner

In particular, my favourite scene is probably the same as many people: when Snape gives his memories to Harry minutes before his death and Harry can see that Snape loved Lilly all along.

The fact that J.K Rowling specifically requested Alan Rickman was enough to show what a perfect role this was and admire his dedication to the role by not disclosing the outcome of the books that J.K Rowling entrusted to him.

Image Credit: Polliwoggle Design

Sheriff George of Nottingham

Appearing in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Sheriff George is again a memorable role for me that Alan Rickman performed spectacularly. He’s performance was very theatrical and wicked and Alan Rickman’s distinct voice always makes me smile. He has one of those Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman voices to me. Absolutely wonderful!

I remember watching this film and liking the baddie more than I did Robin Hodd.  Alan actually shit all over Kevin Costner’s performance (for the lack of better phrasing). It is rumoured that Kevin Costner had some of Alan Rickman’s scenes deleted when he realised that Rickman was upstaging him. True or not, Costner was definitely upstaged by him.

Alan Rickman turned down the role of the Sheriff twice before he was told he could more or less have carte blanche (unconditional freedom) with his interpretation of the character. I am very thankful for both him accepting the role and being able to show his true talent with his portrayal of Sheriff George of Nottingham.

Guy of Gisborne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?

Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it’s DULL, you twit. It’ll hurt more.

I found this wonderful little clip on YouTube that should make anyone who has not seen the film to drop everything and get watching:

Harry in Love Actually

Well, you can’t help but hate Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually for being a cheat. But it is another example of how talented Alan Rickman was, he could make me like him, hate him, laugh, cry and still love the real Alan Rickman whether his character is good or not.

Love Actually is an all round great film for the talent, showcasing much of the actors and actresses coming out of England and making it big (I love Liam Neeson and Bill Nighy to death!).

Image Credit:

My favourite scene from Love Actually is when Alan Rickman’s character is trying to purchase jewelry for his secret mistress and Rowan Atkinson‘s character Rufus hilariously gift wrapping the present.

Watching this scene back makes me chuckle everytime, even feeling myself get anxious that Harry is going to be caught (even though I know he doesn’t).

Alan’s legacy

With Alan Rickman’s outstanding portfolio, there are numerous other films I could have talked about: Die Hard, Dogma, Galaxy Quest… seriously the list could go forever! However, above are three of my most favourite memories of him and will watch all of them fondly for years to come (one never tires off HP, let’s be serious).

Alan Rickman has probably always been cast as the bad character (after his debut in Die Hard) but even as a bad character, I still cannot imagine any other person taking his place. That is  the legacy of Alan Rickman, he is not replaceable.

Image Credit: Huffington Post UK


-The Nominations Girl

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